My Story

I Do A lot of Things

Mainly I’m a lucky mommy blessed with three beautiful children who I take joy in raising, and I have a loving husband who supports me and most of all that I do lol.

Although that’s one of the most important thing. The second most important thing is helping to empower victims of trauma and end generational cycles through my books, education, and trainings. You see when I was a little girl I was molested by a family member. That experience caused a lot of pain, shame and depression that I did not know how to deal with which caused other problems in my life that I felt could have been prevented. Growing up I could not talk to my mother or father about what I was going through, because they never created an enivorment where I felt comfortable enough to do so. I lived with guilt, shame, and hurt, until I decided enough was enough and stopped blaming myself. I shared my story for the first time with a youth group, a lot of them shared their stories with me. I then made it my mission to help prevent these things from happening in families and help families have open and meaningful conversations with their children to help raise awareness and bring prevention.


So Then…………


I decided to pursue a career in child welfare. I wanted to pursue my passion to help victims of abuse and what better way but to help the children who will later become adults. While in the field I learned that family plays a big role in the trauma that children endure and it wasnt always because it was intentional it was because they were just doing the things they were taught and some really just did not know better. You know what they say “when you know better you do better”,

I decided to use my professional trainings and experiences along with my personal experiences to raise awareness and help prevent abuse. 



Empowering children and adults one book at a time.

Armelle Desir is a woman on a mission to improve the mental health and emotional welfare of children and adults around the world, one word at a time!

It is proven that improving the relationship of children and parents through important and meaningful conversations helps set up a childs success in school and in life.